Scamming the Craigslist Scammer

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

First off, sorry for the week of no posts. I have been extremily busy, plus THIS should make up for that week.

So some of you have probaly seen some websites where people "scam the scammers" with the common 419 Nigerian Scams. Well here is a scammer I have gotten on craigstlist. These people who scam scammers can usually get them to take pictures with signs. These signs can say anything from famous 4chan quotes to a simple "im gay". Sometimes they will photoshop a very poor attempt at there face on an indian body.

Recently I put up my Diamondback Nitrus BMX bike for sale. Its a very nice bmx bike and I put the priace at $150. I got MANY emails. Most of them scams, each one written in practically the same outline with the same bullshit story. I got about 10 of these. Its incredibal how many people try this. And its stupid. So I decided to mess with one.

I made up a fake adress, but in my town so it wouldnt seem sketchy on my part (as I did make the listing in atlanta, so I gave my "adress" an atlanta area code).

Lets see if I can eventually get a picture of this guy doing something stupid.

Edit: Unforutnetly I dont have the first few original emails but I will explain what happened. I got a VERY crappy email written in broken english from a guy, Yolaine Frazier who wants to buy my bike. Unfortunetly he does not live in Georgia. But his "mover" will come and pick up the bike. Thats..very weird. Why would go way out of your way to buy a bike in another state, its not THAT good of a bike. And second of all, who has a full-time "mover" that goes and picks up stuff for you, and drives it all the way back to you.He says something about sending me a check of some sort, and I just deduct the price of the bike from it, then give his mover the remaining money.

Some how I guess if I did this I would end up losing money. So I sent him a fake adress in Atlanta though. He also says he will give me an extra $100 for my running around to get this item to him. lol.I got really bored and he claimed he sent it. So I stopped replying. Here are the emails about a week after this. I didnt reply to ANY of these except the last few.

September 30th:
Good morning,thanks for your nice patience since all these days.I was out of the state to take care of my parents in Texas and i got alot of problem there due to the bad hurricane.Anyway,i would want youto kindly confirm both the reciept and clearance of my checkpayment.Also tell me the right time for the pickup.Thanks.

October 4th:
How are you doing today?I just got a confirmation that the checkhave delivered to you.So i will want you to go ahead and have thecheck cashed at your bank.Then,you are to deduct your cost price forthe item including the extra $100 for your running around and you areto wire the remaining excess balance to my shipper via Western UnionMoney Transfer so that they can come for the pickup of my item at yourplace tonight or tomorrow and some other places to pickup some itemsfor me aside my transaction with you. Below is my shipper paymentdepartment to wire the remaining balance to via western union moneytransfer...

Name:Olga Domingo
Address:23 west coast avenueCity:Fresno
Zip code:93703

you can email the shipping company to schedule the pick up time is their email

Note: that the western union money transfer fee should be deductedfrom the remaining balance.As soon as you have send out via western union money transfer,kindlyget back to me with the western union money transfer details on thetransfer receipt as below so that my shipper can schedule for thepickup of my item by tomorrow..

1}.Sender's name and address
2}.Money Transfer control number{10 digits}
3}.amount sent after deducting the transfer fee.
4}.The exact time that you will be able for my shipper to come for thepickup of my item at your place by tomorrow.I await your quick response..



Hmm..Olgo Domingo?I attempted to google the name and email AND the adress on google maps, I found these results. Clues or tips? Maybe:
on google maps search: 23 Fresno Ave, Cayucos, San Luis Obispo, California 93430, United States


October 9th:
The check have delivered to you and i do not hear from you and here isthe ups tracking number details to confirm the delivery....Your package has experienced an exception.

Tracking Number: J197 6477 669
Type: PackageStatus: Exception

Your shipment is currently within the UPS network; however, anunforeseen event has occurred which could result in a change to theScheduled Delivery Date.

What should I do?This is the most up-to-date information about the status of yourshipment. View Shipment Progress or Package Progress for specificdetails.ExceptionSee description belowShipped
To: GA,
USShipped/Billed On: 10/02/2008
o view additional tracking information, please log in to My UPS.Package ProgressLocation
Date Local Time DescriptionROSWELL,GA, US 10/03/2008 7:01


so you are to send the money via money gramm so that the shipper canbe able to come for the pick up..hope to read from you soon.


So it looks he DID actually send SOMETHING. I tracked the package on UPS and it did infact send from Cali all the way to Roswell, GA where I am. But since I provided a fake adress it was sent back.
here is the tracking number: J197 6477 669

this is getting interesting. lets see if we can make him waste more time doing stupid stuff

October 14:
what is going there after the check have delivered to you and i don not hear from you.i will want yopu to update me what is going on about the check.hope to read from you soon.



At this point I decided I could maybe get this fucker to waste his time or lose money or something. If he is actually sending packages out and wasting his time with me, I could probally get him to agree to some stupid things.So I Replied:

October 15:
Sent by me

I am sorry that I stole your money..(kind of)
But I am in need of this money more than you.
You see, I have testicle cancer, and I have one month to live before myballs just POP.
And that means I die.

I am using the money to live my life. The last month.I figure that I will buy a few prostitutes with some of it, some porn and beerwith the other, maybe even a car.

But, I may not do this if you help me. I need $250 to help pay for my last doctor visit. If you can let me keep an extra $250 ontop of the cost of the bike, I will return the rest.Let me know if you can help, I might have a chance at living, and I will be very thankful.



Lets see where this goes, Updates will be in a new post. If anybody has any suggestions on what I should have him do, post them in a comment.

Snapbomb, Screw Google Ads.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I came across this new service called Snapbomb. If anybody is looking to make a little money with their project this is a great way besides Google Ads. This is still fairly new, so get your foot in the door before everyone else and your guarenteed some perks with hard work.

You basically sign up, submit your blog, it gets reviewed, then you can search for opportunities. Opportunities as in stuff to write about. A client might say they want an article about "Blog Design" and they will give you more information. Based on how much your blog is worth, you will get payed that much.

Not only is this a better way to make money, but you actually get to use creativity and WRITE. Not just throw some code up on your blog and get money for doing nothing. This is also a fun way to get your blogs out there. Its free advertising basically. Plus you get payed? I'll take it!
So dont hesitate to sign up if you are a blogger. You really have nothing to lose.

Dick Fuld Knocked the FUCK out

CEO of Lehman Brothers bank (which is now bankrupt for slow people) got his ass rocked the sunday after the bank went under. Supposidly he was working out in the Lehman Brothers gym when a man pumping some iron in the corner walked up and knocked Dick the fuck out.

Thats what you get for looking like this:
I'm guessing he got knocked out before this photo as well?

Craigslist Scam Email

Here is another scam email I got. I posted an advert offering Photoshop/Computer lessons to people in the Atlanta area. Here is one among many replies, that are just poor ass excuses at a scam. This email almost seems like a code word for "child prostitution".

Hello , how are you doing today , hope things are going well with you over there?i saw your advert on and i see that you would be a perfect match for my daughter who needs you .But first let me introduce myself , my name is David Michaels , i was born in the city of montreal,CANADA where i had my degree in business administration.My daughters name is Sarah michaels , she is just a small girl and i want you to coach her very well because she is the only family i have got right from the day her mother died, i have been the only one taking care of her and i am always taking her wherever i go .I want her to come so that you can tutor her so that she can be a successful person in life just like me her father .I want her to be thought any of the lessons below because i just want her to be busy so that she can do things on her own not depending on me always and everytime , so that she can be busy whenever i am not there and also she can have a talent of her own right from now on.Here are the lessons which i want you to give her and if your profession falls in any of the listed services , please get back to me . I need these services for my daughter as soon as possibleVIOLIN AND VIOLA LESSONSinging Voice and Speaking Voice Piano lessonsMATHEMATICS/ENGLISH/SCIENCE/ELEMENTARY SCIENCE AND OTHER COURSES WHICH ARE NOT HEREWriting TutorGMAT TutoringLESSONS(ENGLISH/FRENCH/PURTUGISH/GERMAN LANGUAGE/RUSSIAN/BRAZILIAN/ITALIAN And some other languages which you think she will need.GUITAR LESSONSKATE TUTORINGCHESS LESSONSFINANCE/ECONOMICS TUTORINGDRUM LESSONYOGA LESSONCOOKING LESSONBALLROOM & FIRST DANCES.A.T. TUTORING
And some other types of lessons which you think it will be benefial for my daughter of 17 years . The reason why i need you to help me with her is that since when her mother died , she had stoped schooling since then and she was 9 when she stopped and my nature of work will not let me leave her because i travel alot and i take her everywhere that i go .So please if you are interested in the job please get back to me as soon as possible so i can know my next move about her flight to the states and before anything i will need you to get back to me with the questions which i need to know like1. Are you available to tutor her2. What type of lesson do you have for her3. Are you male or female?4. How are your charges like(hourly,daily/weekly or monthly?)5. Can i get a picture of you just to know the person i am handling her to?6. Where are you located in the city/state7. What Air port is closer to your house?8. Do you prefare to tutor her in my cousins place or your place?9. Get back to me with the list of the things she will need for the lessonPlease i need you to get back to me as soon as possible so i can know how to get an upfront payment made to you before she arrives to the states,I need this service fast,because i have to arrive to the state by 2 weeks time bust she should arrive immediately we conclude the tutoring .I will make arrangement to get down to you or give you a call when i arrive. but for safety purpose i will call you as soon as i arrive , I will forward the Pictures of me in the next mail. I need your assistance and am Trusting you for this,cos its not that easy to entrust someone i have not seen in person, but i believe we all know each other one day and this will favour you well, cos am a very easy going person and well understanding. My Boss want to pay me off for the Project that i attend in Asia, so he's paying me with U.S Cashier Check/Money Orders, which can't be cashed in here because i am in canada now. If the payment(Check/Money Orders) is sent to you, so i want you to deduct the required amount for your Advance service charges, then send the rest fund or sum to my Travelling Agent, cos its for my Sarahs (My daugther)FlightTicket Fees to the states As soon as possible, then keep the remaining balance for me till i arrive to the states or for some thngs she will need. So If you are interseted doing this for me, i need thefollowing , Details(information) Below: FULL NAME : FULL ADDRESS : CITY: STATE/ZIPCODE: TELEPHONE: CELL PHONE: I need this information to issue the check, because i have to do everything fast and also my Boss is travelling for Business purpose, so he needs this information so he can issue the check and send it toyou ASAP, immediately he sends the check, i will forward the Courrier Tracking Number to you and it will Deliver Unfailingly within 2 business days. As soon as the information required from you is sent to me and the payment will be issued and get to you contact address Asap coz it takes 2-3 business days toget delivered Looking forward to hear fromyou. N.B......Plz email me your referee;s information ThanksMichaels"

Oh I'll get right back to you Michael!


Tuesday, October 7, 2008

This is the dumbest site I have ever seen. You can sell your old cell phones for cash! Oh boy. First off, I know everybody has an old Nokia brick phone from 20 years ago that you dont need. Lets sell it! You get a whopping $4. Worth it? No.

Lets say for some "aquire" (stealahem) an AT&T Tilt! So you decide to sell it on Cells For Cash! You get $48 big fucking bucks!

Now lets go to Ebay. An AT&T Tilt goe sfor $350 on Ebay.

You really, REALLY have to be a moron. Now-adays people will do anything to get some quick bucks. If you be smart, hold off a week you can get fucking 6 triple your money on Ebay or Craigslist. Its like selling used games to a Gamestop. Just use Ebay. Time and patience and youll be richer..well...have more money.

Be smart, once again.

Get Rick Roll Minutes From Cingular!

If only they knew..if only.

Cost To Drive

Sunday, October 5, 2008

I saw this really neat web based application on Consumerist.

You enter in where you are going in your car, how much the average price of gas is per gallon in your area, your car make and model and it will tell you the cost of your trip.

This is really neat if you want to charge people gas money and shit and you tell them hey you owe me $4.25 cents for gas bitch.

Check it out here: